2011 Glacier Quarter Value

The United States Mint is beginning the sale of the 2011 Glacier National Park Quarter at noon Eastern time today. These coins honor the famous park in Montana. The value of the quarters will fluctuate depending on their condition and rarity. Below is a breakdown of the value of each of these coins. Listed below are a few of the most common error varieties, as well as their corresponding value. You can also learn more about the Glacier National Park Quarter.

The face value of the 2011 Glacier Quarter is $1, if it is worn and not graded MS63 or MS67. If it is graded MS68, it will be worth $12 to $15. Even if you do not wish to buy the coins that high, you should always keep in mind the value of the United States Mint roll. Buying bank rolls or dealing directly with dealers will help you get the most bang for your buck.

Uncirculated state quarters are rare and will soon gain in value. As they become more valuable, circulated quarters will command a premium. If you buy a circulated one, the value of your coins will rise steadily. If you buy an uncirculated one, however, it is wise to note that these coins are not guaranteed to rise in value in the future. The demand for these coins is expected to increase over the next few years.

The obverse of the 2011 Glacier National Park Quarter is similar to the standard Washington Quarter design. The Washington Quarter, from 1932-1998, featured the date, “Liberty”, and the word “United States” on the obverse. The design changed later with the introduction of State Quarters and Territories and the introduction of National Park Quarters. The Glacier National Park Quarter, on the other hand, shows a mountain goat in high country with Mount Reynolds in the distance.

As of July 2013, the MS-65 certified coins of the Glacier National Park are worth approximately $2.25. If you are looking for a high value coin, it’s probably a good idea to purchase it at an auction site. Besides, the prices listed on this site are not necessarily valid for evaluating the value of coins. You should check the MS-65 certified coins to find the best deal. You can even buy the coins directly from the website of the Glacier National Park itself.