2011 Chickasaw Quarter Errors

The value of your 2011 P Chickasaw quarter depends on its condition. The face value of an MS63 coin is $1 while an MS67 or MS68 coin is worth $8 to $12. A bank roll is worth around $12 to $15 and can fetch you an even higher price. In addition, you should take note that the clad Washington Quarter is significantly more valuable than the bare, worn Chickasaw quarter. Even if the Lincoln Bridge appears distorted, the luster of your coin is still strong. Minor contact marks and hairlines are also present.

Another common error on the 2011 Chickasaw Quarter is the design of the Lincoln Bridge. Dedicated in Lincoln’s birth year, the bridge was the first constructed improvement in the National Recreation Area. While the 2011 Chickasaw clad quarter is worth just its face value of $0.25, errors on the coin can fetch you hundreds of dollars! Here are a few examples of 2011 Chickasaw Quarter errors:

A clad quarter contains two metals: copper and nickel. These metals can be sold for higher prices. The Lincoln bridge is one of the most popular images on the 2011 Chickasaw quarter. It is part of the America the Beautiful quarters program. It can fetch up to $10 if it is minted by a reputable company. So, you should check out the history of this coin before investing in it.