2009 US Virgin Islands Quarter

The 2009 U.S. Virgin Islands Quarter is an issue of the United States Mint. Designed by Joseph Menna, the coin is available in gold and silver varieties. The silver variety, a part of proof sets, costs approximately $5-$10. It is easy to identify the silver coin by its mintmark: a letter “S” appears on the back. The gold variety was also released, and the silver coin has been sold by late-night television shows.

The United States Virgin Islands quarter is a new issue, and one of the six Statehood quarters to be released for the year 2009. The coin is 90% silver and comes in Proof condition. Each one contains a different design and will cost more than the standard coin. It also features an outline of the three major islands, including Saint Croix, St. John, and Saint Thomas. A collector can get the proof version for even more money!

The reverse design of the new coin features a banana quit bird. This bird is pictured next to a Yellow Cedar flower. Behind the bird is a Tyre Palm tree, native to the Virgin Islands. The design also includes inscriptions that read “U.S. Virgin Islands,” “United in Pride and Hope,” and “E Pluribus Unum.” The design was created by Joseph Menna.

The value of a standard US Virgin Islands quarter in circulated condition ranges from $0.25 to $2.28. In uncirculated condition, the coins can fetch as much as $1. The uncirculated coins with MS 65 grade can sell for as much as $2. An S proof US Virgin Islands quarter in PR 66DC condition is worth at least $4, and the value of the PR 69DC is around $15.