2009 Lincoln Cent Anniversary Set

For a complete history of President Abraham Lincoln, the 2009-S Lincoln Cent Anniversary Set is the perfect gift. Encased in a 5 x 7-inch sealed plastic, this coinage set pays tribute to the man who helped make the United States a great nation. Each piece of this set depicts the man’s birthplace in Kentucky, his formative years in Indiana, his professional life in Illinois, and his presidency in Washington, D.C. It features the birthplace of Lincoln in Kentucky, his life in Illinois, and his time in the Presidency in Washington, DC. This set was presented to the Mayor of Louisville, Terry Tilton, on the occasion of his centennial.

The 2009 cents are available in two different types. Copper cents and zinc cents are collectible. Each one weighs 3.11 grams and have the same composition as the original 1909 cent. The penny was changed from a copper to a zinc composition in 1982, as its intrinsic value became worth more than the face value. The 2009 cent features a reverse design depicting Abraham Lincoln’s life, and the Latin phrase E PLURIBUS UNUM.

The “Formative Years” 2009 Lincoln cent has a number of errors. While the mintage is very small, errors can occur. The most prominent is doubled fingers and thumbs. The “extra corn leaf” doubled die reverse on the 2004-D Wisconsin state quarter is another example. The “Professional Life” 2009 cent contains many die errors, but they are concentrated in the third upstairs window. In addition, doubled windowsills are very common in window panes filled in.

While the two-dollar coins are minted in the same year, they are not worth any more than one another. The dollar coin features a log cabin, the same location where Lincoln was born. In addition, the date “1809” is minted on the coin, a reminder that the man once worked as a railroad rail splitter. The obverse of the dollar coin depicts a young Lincoln reading a book, which symbolizes his work ethic.

The US Mint released four commemorative cents in 2009 to commemorate the life and work of Abraham Lincoln. Each cent featured a different reverse design, reflecting the man’s work. Regardless of the back design, each penny reflects an aspect of Lincoln’s life. This makes the 2009 Lincoln cent anniversary set an excellent gift for Lincoln enthusiasts. There is no doubt that your loved ones will treasure these pieces of history.

In addition to the three commemorative cents, the obverse side of the coin also features the iconic portrait of Abraham Lincoln by Victor D. Brenner. The reverse side depicts the Lincoln Memorial designed by Frank Gasparro. And, the 2009-S set also includes a commemorative gold coin. A 2009-S Lincoln cent set is a great investment! Just make sure you have one handy to commemorate the Lincoln Cent.