2009 D Puerto Rico Quarter Value

The 2009-D Puerto Rico 50 States and Territories Quarter is worth approximately $0.67 to $1.13 if it is in MS+ condition. For more information, you can look up coin price charts or talk to a coin grader. The value of your coin also depends on its condition. In uncirculated condition, its face value is worth $0.67 to $1.13, but you can find higher values by investing in a proof coin.

The first of the three District and Territories Quarters of 2009 features jazz pianist and composer Duke Ellington. The design is striking and is a doubled die. Numismatic News called the 2009-D quarters “one of the most dramatic doubled dies in recent years.” The strong doubling of “ELL” in Duke Ellington’s name is also present in nearby elements. In addition, the design is inspired by the island’s natural beauty and historical significance.

The 2009-D Puerto Rico Territory Quarter is a new coin, part of the Statehood quarter series. This coin has a total mintage of 86,000,000. The coin’s diameter is 24 mm. The coin’s color has been selected to commemorate the beauty of Puerto Rico and the culture of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Denver Mint minted the coin. Those who purchase this coin will be able to enjoy its beauty and value for years to come.

The 2009 D Puerto Rico Quarters are made of copper and nickel. The proof-quality versions of these coins are valued at more than their regular counterparts. The coins have a different design than the standard ones. Proof-quality coins sell for more money. The U.S. Mint has released six commemorative quarters in 2009 – the first of which was issued on March 30, 2009. The Puerto Rico Quarters’ mintage was cut from the previous quarter due to the slowing economy and the backwash of old coinage into the system.

The obverse of the 2009 D Puerto Rico Quarter features George Washington. This is the same design that is on the 50 State Quarters. The reverse depicts a sentry box in Old San Juan with the words Isla del Encanto inscribed on it. The reverse of the coin shows the island of Enchantment. Its value will fluctuate according to its condition. If you’re planning on investing in this coin, it might be worth it to look up its value before you buy.

Uncirculated 2009 D Puerto Rico Quarters are worth $0.25 and $1 in MS-63 and MS-65 grades. If you’re lucky enough to find an MS-67 quarter, you can expect to receive more than $1 for it. However, if you’re looking for something a little more valuable, try to invest in a proof coin. A PR-66DC 2009 D Puerto Rico quarter will fetch around $15.

A common mistake coin is the 1999-D District of Columbia quarter, which has an unknown mintage. When it first appeared, this error coin commanded prices of $250 to $500. However, its availability has made this coin more common than originally thought. As a result, interest in it has waned. It now trades for a lower price than that. However, it can still fetch between $10 and $20.