2008 Lincoln Cent Satin Finish Penny

A 2008 Lincoln cent in satin finish is a popular choice for collectors. The limited mintage of 745,464 pieces means that this type of coin is very difficult to find, and it might even fetch a higher price than its brilliant counterpart. However, collectors should know that these rare coins aren’t all that rare, and the value of a 2008 satin polish Lincoln coin might range from $1 to $3 if sold individually.

The satin finish is a special matte-like finish that was used for Proof U.S. gold coins in the 19th century and on the 1936 Buffalo Nickel. Unlike proof coins, they don’t reflect light, and their finish is silky. Satin finish coins were first struck on experimental Proof surfaces, and the finish was later named “Roman Finish,” perhaps a reference to the luster effect of F.D.C. gold aureii from the Roman Empire.

Today, the United States Mint sells sets of different denominations of pennies, with each denomination valued at a different amount. Many collectors buy several sets to maximize their investment. A 2010-D Lincoln cent, minted with a satin finish, is valued at one cent. A 2010-D penny has an MS67RD grade by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and sold for $4,994 in an auction in 2013. You can find sets in different denominations at the United States Mint’s website.