2007 Utah Gold Quarter Value

What is the value of the 2007 Utah State Quarter? Among its different types, this coin is valued at anywhere from $0.45 to $1.13 in MS+ condition. To determine the value of this coin, you can check out various coin price charts and graders. Also, it is important to know that the value of a silver coin will depend on the type of metal it contains. To learn more about the melt value of a silver coin, click the link below.

There are 91,752 gold state quarters issued by the government of Utah. Although these coins are not very valuable, they are considered rare and collectible. This fact is emphasized by the fact that they have been plated with gold. This type of coin is not worth much, and the gold used in plating is minuscule. The melt value of a gold quarter is low, so it is not very valuable.

If you purchase a 2007 Utah gold quarter for more than five dollars, it will be worth around $575-750. You’ll probably want to consider buying more than one, depending on the value of each quarter. The 2007 Utah gold quarter value will likely vary based on the market’s price. However, you should note that these coins will be shipped in protective plastic to avoid damage. Larger orders will ship in tubes.