2007-D Roosevelt Dime

The 2007-D Roosevelt Dime is a piece of American history minted by the United States Mint. It is composed of a clad material, with the outer layer composed of copper and nickel and the inner core of solid copper. As with any other coin, the value of a 2007-D dime depends on its condition and certification. Other factors that affect its value include the demand for it, its location, and the urgency with which you want to sell it.

This particular dime is the rarest in the United States, and is currently worth only $0.75. A 1907 dime worth $1.15 was struck in copper, and it is not common to find it anywhere except in the most prominent cities. Despite its rarity, it is still highly valued, and is not commonly used in transactions. This is because copper dimes are a few cents less expensive than silver coins.

As with any coin, the condition of a 2007-D dime directly determines its value. However, the minting process can produce some major errors. The 2007-D dime, for example, contains several die-cap errors that could affect its value. One such error is a missing mint mark, which is known as a “clipped planchet error”. The resulting missing section will make the coin look unsightly and may even fetch $30 on a good day.