2006 Silver State Quarter – Nevada 1864

The statehood quarter of Nevada, issued in 2006, features a design that depicts wild mustangs running in the sunrise. The design was chosen by the public, but the committee that designed it was not willing to listen to citizen concerns. They initially tried to include a ram in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, but they ended up with a design that featured the wild mustangs instead. This design was chosen for the 36th statehood quarter of Nevada in the Statehood Quarters program.

Daniel Carr, a designer of the coin, submitted several designs for consideration. They were not all accepted, however, and several were rejected. The Nevada State Treasurer Brian Kolicki formed a panel of experts, including a numismatist and a few other people. Ultimately, the design was chosen and the mint marks were placed on the coin. The panel of experts had a hard time choosing just one item.

The design of the Nevada State Quarter is based on the Washington Quarter, which was issued from 1932 until 1998. This design depicts the date and the word “Liberty.” In 2006, the coin’s design was changed to include the words “United States of America.” In addition to the state’s name, the State Quarter also includes the logo for the United States of America. The 2006 quarter depicts three wild mustangs in front of a snow-capped mountain.

The 2006-P Nevada State Quarter was the first of five unique coins to be issued in the state of Nevada. Since 1999, the mint has been issuing a different State Quarter each year. This year, the state quarter depicts the 36th state of the Union. The design of the coin features wild mustangs galloping through the mountains, sagebrush, and the sun rising over the snow-capped mountains. The year of 1864 is inscribed on the coin as well.

The 2006 Nevada State Quarter is a proof coin minted by the US mint. It contains 90% silver and 10% copper, and it averages in price between $5 and $10. It bears the “S” mintmark and the mint’s motto, and is usually worth as much as gold. If you are interested in investing in a Nevada State Quarter, the 2006-S Nevada State Quarter is definitely worth a try.

The State of Deseret was created by the Mormons in 1847, and the Mormons claimed all of the land in the Colorado and Great Basin. They founded the first permanent settlement in the region in 1851, Mormon Station, which is now Genoa. William Bringhurst and other Mormon missionaries arrived in June 1855. The missionaries built an adobe fort that was 150 feet square. The fort remained under the control of Salt Lake City until the winter of 1858-1859.

The 2006 D Nevada State Quarter was released in January 2006. This quarter features wild Mustangs, the Rising Sun, and the Sagebrush. On the reverse of the coin is a banner that reads “The Silver State.” It is also worth $0.25 in circulated condition. If you want a more valuable coin, you can invest in a PR 69-D or P. Those proofs are worth around $4.50.

Since the beginning of the state’s settlement, Nevada has expanded its boundaries. Its western boundary is formed by the Humboldt River, which flows into the Great Basin. The state’s southern border is formed by the Truckee River, which drains into the Carson Sink. The Humboldt Sink, located near Lovelock, is part of the Great Basin and is drained by the Walker, Truckee, and Carson Rivers.

The state’s government is divided into three departments: the executive and legislative. The governor is head of the executive department, while the legislative department consists of the Assembly and Senate. The judicial department includes the Supreme Court and lower courts. This state is home to many historic landmarks. Among these are the casinos, historic landmarks, and the famous Comstock Lode. So, why not visit Nevada and experience the wonders it has to offer?