2004 P Michigan Quarter

The Michigan State Quarter was released in January 2004. It features the Great Lakes and the state’s name. The design was done by engraver Donna Weaver. The reverse features the words E Pluribus Unum. The 2004 P Michigan quarter is worth approximately $0.67 to $1.13. To find the value of a specific coin, check out its melt value. The value of this coin will vary depending on its condition, certification, and current demand.

The reverse of the 2004-P Michigan quarter is composed of copper, with an area missing in the clad. While this is a rare condition for a coin of this age, it does highlight the quality of the metal. This coin has scratches underneath its toning. It’s worth collecting these coins as they’re very uncommon in this condition. If you’re interested in finding one of these coins, be sure to contact a professional coin dealer today!

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The catalogue numbers on the coin are from several references. The catalog number that follows the letter “P” is from the Haney book, Personal Tokens of Vecturists. The TEC 622 coin roller also lists the catalog number for this coin. The TEC 622 coin roller has a rotatable table for easy coin rolling. This machine will automatically rotate the coin. It is important to remember that this machine is only one of several choices you have.