2004 D Michigan Quarter

The state of Michigan released a new coin on January 26, 2004, which commemorates the state’s first day of statehood, January 26th, 1837. The design depicts the state’s outline, the Great Lakes, and the mintage date, and was created by Donna Weaver. The Great Lakes are actually four separate bodies of water that border Michigan. They are the largest in the world, and each of them plays a significant role in the state’s history.

There are four series of the 2004 D Michigan quarter produced by the US mint. There are proof coins, silver proof coins, and uncirculated quarters. Proof coins feature higher detail and are minted on special planchets. As such, they take longer to produce, but their higher value makes them an excellent investment. Proof coins also contain the mint mark on the obverse side, under the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST.” The condition of the coin determines its value, and a well-graded example is worth several hundred dollars.

The Michigan Quarter Commission reviewed over 4,000 designs and selected five. The Governor of Michigan approved the final design and it is available on the Mint’s website. A design showcasing the Great Lakes was also considered. The design of the 2004 quarter is beautiful and elegant, but it has caused controversy in some circles. It has received mixed reactions from collectors and government officials. There are many reasons for this split, but the design is certainly beautiful and elegant.

Investing in a coin’s history will yield many benefits. First, it will show that the state was responsible for its economic growth, allowing it to produce coins that were deemed more valuable than those of other states. Second, a high percentage of the coin’s mintage found its way to collectors. Its rarity makes it even more valuable. So, whether you want to invest in a 2004 D Michigan quarter or simply collect them for their beauty, this is the coin for you.

Third, the quality of these coins has improved tremendously since their introduction in 2003. Mints in the state of Michigan are now incredibly expensive, so be sure to shop around before buying one. It is a good idea to buy a few as they are not common. They are often worth between $5 and $15 each, and a Mint State example is worth up to $30. You may be lucky and find a piece that is worth even more.

Last, it’s important to understand the rarity and value of a Statehood quarter. While a “normal” Statehood quarter is worth around 25 cents, a Proof Statehood one can be worth several hundred dollars. Fortunately, you can buy a five-coin set for less than $5, and the other 50 States Quarters proof sets will cost only a few cents more. The price of these coins is now lower than their original face value, so it is still an excellent investment.