2003 Gold Illinois Quarter Value

If you are interested in collecting coins, you can find the 2003 gold Illinois quarter value by using the online coin price guide. The price of gold quarters can vary from around $5 to $10, depending on condition. A silver Illinois quarter can be worth much more than a gold one, so be careful when buying them. You may not know what they are worth unless you check their grade. The value of a 2003 Illinois gold quarter will be determined by several factors, including the coin’s condition and grade.

In uncirculated condition, a 2003 Illinois state quarter is worth $0.50. If it is graded MS63, it is worth around $12. If it is graded MS67 by PCGS or NGC, it is worth around $15. If you find a circulated copy, you may want to consider storing it in a bank or spending it to buy jewelry. It is also worth around $10 if you have it in the condition of a PR 66DC.

The uncirculated 2003 P Illinois quarter is worth $0.50 while a 2003 D coin is worth $1.50. Unless your coin is in perfect condition, don’t handle it too much. Try to hold it on its edges instead of its reverse or obverse surface. Whenever possible, place the coin in a display case with soft padding and don’t clean it with abrasive solvent or other chemicals. Cleaning can diminish the value of a gold coin, and it can also damage its surfaces. Remember, the shine of a coin is not an important factor for grading.

The standard 2003 Illinois state quarter is made of copper. Proof quarters contain nickel or silver. Proof coins typically sell for more. In addition, the reverse side of a 2003 Illinois state quarter features a young Abraham Lincoln, a Chicago skyline, a farm, and the outline of the state. Abraham Lincoln was born in Illinois, and he served the state in Congress. His tomb and Presidential Library are located in Springfield.

A gold Illinois quarter with an Arkansas outline is worth about $0.25 on the online coin value guide. These coins don’t have melt value and are not sold on the aftermarket. Therefore, they are worth very little in the collector’s community. If you’re new to coin collecting, you should not assume that a gold Illinois quarter is rare. If you don’t have a history of collecting, you’ll find more information about the value of gold coins in the coin price guide.