2002-P Nickel Value

What is the 2002-P nickel’s value? The 2002-P Jefferson Nickel is worth between $0.28 and $1.13 in MS+ Mint condition. There are many factors that will influence the 2002-P nickel value, but the basic information is the same as any other coin. Below, we’ll discuss how to determine a 2002-P nickel’s value, as well as some common issues. But, before we get into the details, let’s quickly go over the different grades.

The 1926-S Buffalo Nickel was first struck with a 1917 die but was later struck with a 1918 die. As a result, many of these coins have striking issues. The 1926-S buffalo nickel, for example, has an overdate that is still visible. Those striking examples can fetch up to $61,550 in 2022 dollars. This makes it one of the most expensive coins in the world. A 2002-P nickel that is in excellent condition can fetch upwards of $12,000 – $25,000!

Other factors that affect the 2002-P nickel’s value include its design and its rarity. This type of nickel is very hard to find – only two hundred exist in total. Those in premium condition can sell for as much as $3,800. Some collectors seek to find the rarest and highest-grade coins. Nickels produced between 1913 and 1914 are considered the best coins to invest in. They’re generally more expensive than their counterparts, but they can be an excellent investment.