2001 Vermont Gold Quarter

A clad composition coin with nickel and copper is made by the US mint in 2001 and the Vermont quarter is one of these. Its value increases with its high quality and rarity. The 2001 Vermont state quarter features the skiing landscape, maple syrup, and Camel’s Hump Mountain, the third highest peak in Vermont, in the background. The state quarter was minted in 1791, the year Vermont joined the union, so it is important to keep this in mind when purchasing a coin.

The state quarter is only $0.25 in circulated condition. But its value goes up if you find an error coin. You can contact an expert or a grading company for an appraisal. Its face value is $0.25 in circulated condition, but a 2001 D or P is worth more. In uncirculated condition, a 2001 Vermont state quarter is worth $0.35. However, a gold quarter of this year is worth as much as $1.

A clad Vermont state quarter is the most valuable version of this coin. Despite its low value, the high quality of this gold coin is still a valuable investment. It is one of the most popular state quarters in the world. Its unique design and high luster make it a desirable collectible. You can collect one as a souvenir to remember your trip to Vermont. It also makes a great business gift. You can give it to your friends and family as a token of appreciation.