2001 Vermont Gold Quarter

The 2001-P Vermont Gold Quarter has a rare and coveted MS69 grade, as only about a thousand coins have received this grade to date. This new design portrays a sugaring tree. The governor of Vermont appointed an Art Council to choose a design from among five. The Governor ultimately chose the winning design, which was drew by YeloDog Design from Waterbury. The new quarter was issued in the year 2001.

The 2001 Vermont state quarter is released on August 6, 2001. It features two maple trees and a farmer and 4 maple sap buckets. It also shows a camels hump mountain. The state motto is “E Pluribus Unum” and is inscribed on the coin. Its value is determined by its condition and rarity. The face value of this coin is $0.25, so it can be used as currency in circulation, saved for future investment, or taken to the bank for safekeeping.