2001 US Mint 50 State Quarters Proof Set

The 2001 US mint 50 state quarters proof set has been issued to commemorate the launch of the first commercial airplanes in the world. The flight took place in North Carolina near Kill Devil Hills. The proof set of the state quarter features a design by T. James Ferrell. The luster of the coin is unsurpassed in appearance and shine. Its striking and finish are remarkable and will make any collector envious.

The case contains ten coins in a proof set. Each proof coin is surrounded by a glass and plastic case that shows the corresponding reverse designs. The box also includes a graphic of the American flag waving on the state quarters. The set comes with a certificate of authenticity. It has a price of $50. You can purchase this set online at the United States Mint website. Here are some other features of the 2001 50 State Quarters Proof Set:

Demand for the 2001 US Mint proof set is largely based on its circulating coinage. Coins from the same year were released in various states. This reinforced the demand for proof sets. These silver coins contain 90% silver alloy. If you’re interested in purchasing a set, you can buy the silver portion of a proof set separately. However, you may have to pay a bit more for the silver portions of the proof set.

The special edition 2001 “Quarters-Only” Proof set has five coins in the 50 State Quarter Program. This collection was struck at the San Francisco Mint. A proof coin is distinguished by its sharp details, high wire edge and exceptionally brilliant surface. You might want to buy one for your collection. If you like the look of a proof set, then you can collect all five coins. The prices of the 2001 S proof set were over $150 apiece. However, they did decrease over the years as the series wound down.

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The US Mint has a number of commemorative coins with proof finishes. Some of these coins are even more valuable than the common proof sets. If you want to collect these coins, you will want to order them online. Just make sure you buy a genuine set from a reputable source. Many coins made by third-party companies are not genuine proof sets. There are many counterfeit proof sets out there that are altered and therefore not worth the money.

Purchasing a 2001 US Mint 50 State quarters proof set is an excellent way to increase the value of your collection. These mint-sealed sets are still considered proofs and are very collectible today. The average value of a proof set has fluctuated slightly over the years, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until it’s too late to invest in one! Take the time to carefully inspect your new coin collection today! You won’t regret it!