1999 P Dime Errors

There are two types of 1999 p dime errors: blank planchet and off center strike. Blank planchet errors are dimes that escape the mint without a design. Usually, these errors are low-value, reaching only a few dollars each. Off center strike errors have an image that is off-center, revealing portions of the blank planchet. Off-center strike coins can have values of $10 to $20, depending on the degree of the error.

Proof Dimes from 1983S have higher values, whereas those with a missing mint mark can fetch over $1,500. This is mainly due to the fact that Proof Dimes from this year can fetch upwards of $1,500 if they are in perfect condition. There are also other kinds of dimes with errors, such as clipped planchet dimes, which are resulting from a misfeed during the minting process.