1999-P Delaware Quarter Spitting Horse

The 1999-P Delaware quarter spitting horse is a prime example of an error coin. Depending on its condition, this quarter can be worth anywhere from $3 to $5. It has a remarkably large error rate and is highly collectible. In fact, this particular error coin can fetch a price of nearly $1.50. Here’s what you need to know. To find out if this coin is worth any money, read on.

One die crack variety is known as the “Spitting Horse” in the 1999 Delaware state quarter. This coin features a reverse die crack that makes it look like the horse is spitting. The crack, however, is hardly visible. This is why it’s such a rare variety – the 1999-P Delaware quarter is highly sought-after and a worthwhile investment. While the 1999-P Delaware quarter is extremely rare, it does have a die crack – which is what makes it so coveted!

Another unique design is the 1999-D Delaware quarter, which features a politician named Caesar Rodney on a horse. This coin pays tribute to the Founding Father’s nighttime dash from Dover, Delaware to Philadelphia to break a deadlock. A notable feature of this coin is the raised line between the letters “C” and “A” of “CAESAR” – caused by a prominent die break.

The 1999-D Delaware quarter depicts Caesar Rodney riding a horse during a nighttime ride from Dover to Philadelphia. The coin bears the date 1787 and DELAWARE. The letter C is Caesar Rodney’s initials, while the letters W and N are beneath the bust. On the bottom, the coin bears the date of issue, as well as the motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”

During the Continental Congress, Rodney, who was from 70 miles away in Dover, Delaware, broke the impasse. The result was that he voted in Philadelphia, despite suffering from cancer and asthma. Rodney then signed the Declaration of Independence on August 2, 1776, and this statue has inspired the design of the Delaware quarter spitting horse. So, while the design of the quarter pays tribute to Rodney Square, its historical significance is beyond speculative.