1994-D Washington Quarter Value

There are many different ways to value your 1994-D Washington quarter. The value of this coin depends on its quality and mint strike type. Select the grade you want to see its value. Or, you can use the melt value calculator to find out how much the coin is worth. Whatever you choose, remember to keep the condition of the coin in mind as it can have a negative impact on its value. Listed below are the three most common grade levels of this coin.

A standard 1994-D Washington quarter is a clad composition coin, while a proof coin is made of different materials. Proof coins tend to have more detail and are worth more money. They were minted on special planchets for proof coins. However, you should know that proof coins are not included in your spare change! The obverse side of this coin features a mint mark, so you can tell which one is a proof.

The Washington Quarter was first minted in 1932 and continued until the Bicentennial quarter was minted in 1976. The obverse design features a profile of President George Washington. John Flanagan based his design on the bust painted by Jean-Antoine Houdon in 1786. The reverse of the coin features a bald eagle, and the words LIBERTY and IN GOD WE TRUST are inscribed above it.

The 1932-D and S coins are worth about $100 in lower grades, while a 1934-D coin is worth $145 in XF. MS65 and MS66 are the highest grades for these coins. The 1932-D is the most valuable of the three. The 1932-S is the lowest mintage and is a key date for collectors. If you’re not sure which coin is worth more, try looking for the 1932-S.