1988 P Dime Error List

If you’re a coin collector, you probably want to see the list of p dime errors. This document details the flaws and common errors on this type of coin. The images will expand to reveal the full list, which you can download for free. Read on to learn more about the types of errors that may appear on a 1988 p dime. The list of errors is an essential reference for collectors.

When it comes to coin certification, the 1988-P dime is no different. This coin is worth $3.06 if it is in Mint Uncirculated (MS+) condition. It is also worth looking at the melt value of the coin, which is its lowest value. While the melt value of a coin is not the same as its face value, a good example of one is the 1988-P Roosevelt Dime.

The list of p dime errors is not as extensive as that of pennies, but it is still a valuable collection item. There are many varieties of error coins that were made by the U.S. Mint over the years. The 1937-D Buffalo nickel is the most famous of all, but there are other errors that were made on the coin. For example, if you collect Roosevelt dimes, you can get coins with the “No S” mintmark, which is a rarity and only found in collector proof sets.