1984 P Quarter Error List

The 1984 p quarter error list includes several varieties of errors. These errors differ in detail. Most varieties are caused by die slipping, but a few exhibit a ghostly spruce on the reverse. The errors are worth between one cent and ten dollars. However, some are worth much more. Here is a breakdown of the different types of errors. Read on to learn about them. This article is written with the goal of helping you identify and price these rare coins.

A common mistake is striking a cent that is oriented 180 degrees from its original orientation. However, it is possible to view the Washington portrait. These coins were struck in Philadelphia, and one of them was recently sold for $13,200. This coin is most likely the result of a mischievous mint worker who fed an amusement token to the coin. There is a good chance that this coin was disposed of before it left the mint.

Some common errors include cents, nickels, and quarters minted on different planchets. Another error is a mule – a coin struck between two dies that were never intended to be used together. However, mules are not common and are worth far more than their original value. A mule is valuable because it shows a faulty design. It is also rarer than a penny.

The Denver Mint also produced a series of rare coins that were mistakenly minted by the Philadelphia mint. These coins are called Wisconsin Leaf Errors, and are valued at $50 to several hundred dollars. Also, the 2004 Minnesota Double Die and Extra Tree Errors, which are associated with the reverse, are extremely rare and can fetch you more than a thousand dollars. The Humpback Bison and the “IN GOD WE RUST” errors can cost up to a hundred dollars.