1979 Susan B Anthony First Year All Mint Set

If you are considering buying a 1979 Susan B. Anthony first-year all-mint set, you’re in for a treat. This set features two of the most popular Susan B. Anthony dollars ever minted. The 1979-P Narrow Rim dollar is the most common type and is worth face value if worn. Otherwise, a coin in uncirculated condition can be worth $2 or more. Whether you are planning to invest in a complete set or just want to add a rare variety to your collection, the first year of this series is worth a lot of money.

The US Mint minted the Susan B. Anthony dollar for four years from 1979 to 1980, and Frank Gasparro was the artist responsible for the reverse and obverse. It is still the only coin in the world to feature a woman’s face! It is made of copper, zinc, and manganese clad, and is roughly the size of a quarter. A third year’s minting commemorated the Shoshone Indian guide, Sacagawea. The coins are protected by an acrylic case and are available as proofs and collectibles.

This first-year all-mint set is an excellent way to start collecting the Susan B. Anthony dollar. The coins are still fresh and in good condition, and few collectors will ever get the chance to own a single coin. The first-year 1979 coins were struck at the three U.S. Mints: the Denver Mint, the Philadelphia Mint, and the San Francisco Mint.

The 1981-S Type II proof dollar is the most valuable of the two and has the highest demand. The design on the die has been doubled, making the coins more valuable. An original 1981-S Type II proof dollar is worth at least $50. The 1981-S Type II dollar is the only one of its kind in the United States made from copper-nickel clad. These coins are incredibly rare, and can cost hundreds of dollars or more.

A coin dealer can tell you the value of a silver dollar by looking at it. The value of a coin depends on the origin, age, condition, and variety. Despite the name, the 1979-D silver dollar is not worth much compared to other rare coins. But if you have a collection, it may be a good investment. So, don’t hold off – buy a 1979-S or a P silver dollar today! They are worth a lot more than you think they are.