1979 Susan B Anthony Dollar Wide Rim Vs Narrow Rim

If you’re looking for a 1979 Susan B. Anthony dollar, you can choose from two distinct varieties: wide rim and narrow rim. If you’re interested in investing in a rare coin, you’ll want to consider a wide rim version. Here are some of the differences between these two coin types. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find one that works for you!

A 1979-P Susan B Anthony dollar with a wide rim is valued at $67 in MS+ Mint condition. If it’s in the wide rim variety, it’s worth at least $40 in circulated condition. It’s worth more than that if it’s in a high-grade uncirculated condition, but a low-grade coin is definitely worth considering.

The obverse of the coin was designed by Frank Gasparro. It featured the iconic image of Susan B. Anthony. Despite the coin’s low price, there’s a hefty demand for these coins. Despite its high demand, the wide rim variety remains rare. It’s also worth noting that the rim of the coin can be a source of confusion for some collectors.

A wider rim variety was designed in 1979. The reverse design was a modified version of the Eisenhower dollar, with a similar image of Lady Liberty. The wide rim version of this coin was adopted as a result of a Congressional mandate. The total mintage of the coin is 360,222. A wide rim variety has the narrow rim on the edge, but is rare in high grade.

The wide rim of a Susan B. Anthony coin is a distinctive design feature. While the narrow rim of a Washington quarter is characteristic of the design, a wide rim surrounds the exterior of the coin. Consequently, the rim makes the coin stand out in the crowd. It also adds to its collector value. If you’re looking for a Susan B. Anthony coin with a wide rim, the 1979-P version is worth looking into.