1979 D Dollar Coin Error

In the 1980s, the US Mint started issuing silver dollars to replace dollar bills. The idea was to save money and people generally rejected them as quarters. In 1979, they were reintroduced, and again in 1999. The obverse design featured the image of Susan B. Anthony, but the date was far from the center of the coin. During that year, two dies were used for the obverse, and the date was close to the rim of the coin.

In order to find a 1979 d dollar coin error, you will need to know the type of mistake that the coin has. A clipped planchet error is particularly valuable. It could be worth $25 or more. Another type of coin error is known as a multiple strike. This occurs when the planchet gets stuck on the press during striking, causing multiple images of the design. A multiple strike can be oriented in either direction or at an angle.

A common reason for this error is that the mint used an outdated punch that did not produce the clear S mark. Because of this, many coins in 1979 have this error. Coins with a poor mint mark are common and not of much value. However, if you are looking to collect one of these coins, you can check the quality of the S mark by examining the coin in a well-lit place. In this way, you can determine if the coin is worth buying.

While all three mint facilities struck Susan B. Anthony dollars in 1979, a change was made to the die design late in the year. This modification only affected P-mintmark dollars, and makes it appear that the date has been repositioned. The wide rim makes the outer design features near the rim appear closer to the center of the coin, including the stars, LIBERTY, and IGWT. This error affects approximately twenty-five thousand coins.