1974 No Mint Quarter

If you are looking to buy a 1974 no mint quarter, it is important to keep in mind that these coins are very rare. A quarter struck in 1974 with a missing mint mark is known as a mint mark D, and it is worth $5. In addition, a 1974 no mint quarter with a cut or worn edge is worth more than $5. Nevertheless, it is not a great investment if you have a coin that is badly damaged or uncirculated.

A good way to protect your investment is to grade your coins before buying them. An example with a broken mint mark is worth less than twenty dollars unless you’re interested in a rarer coin. Whether the coin has been mutilated or has a scratch on its surface, it should be graded by a reputable grading company. A high-grade coin may sell for a premium of more than one thousand dollars.

One way to determine if your coin is worth more than its face value is to compare it to other vintage coins. While it’s possible to find an MS-60 quarter for a few cents, a 1974 Washington Quarter in MS-60 condition can be worth as much as $5. It is also safe to assume that the 1974 Washington Quarter in average circulated condition is worth 25 cents. Depending on the grade and condition, a 1974 Washington Quarter in MS-60 is worth a little more, but it’s still worth around fifty cents.

The Washington Quarter is an iconic American coin that has undergone several changes since it was first introduced in 1932. In 1999, the design was changed to commemorate national parks. The Philadelphia mint minted the obverse side of the 1974 Washington Quarter, while the Denver mint minted the rest of the coin, which bears the “D” mint mark. The Denver mint was responsible for producing the remaining 353,160,000 “D”-minted quarters.

A 1973 P Washington Quarter with the “Spitting Eagle” die mark is an example of a graded specimen. The “Spitting Eagle” variety of the coin has a crack near the eagle’s mouth caused by the deterioration of the coining die. Until 1965, US quarters were ninety percent silver. If these coins contained ninety percent silver, they would be worth over three dollars, depending on the price of silver. However, a 1974 No Mint Quarter with a P mint mark is worth only twenty-five cents.