1973 Canada 5 Cents

If you are looking for a great coin to collect, the 1973 Canada 5 cents are a great choice. This coin features the beaver, which is a symbol of Canada’s northeastern woodland Algonkian heritage. The coin has a design of beaver paws and bear’s head, and the year of issue is 1867. You can even find the value of 1973 Canada 5 cents in Canadian dollars by searching online.

Coins struck in the year 1921 are some of the rarest in Canadian circulation. Some collectors consider them the “Prince” of Canadian coins. Although only about 400 specimens of this coin have been identified, the vast majority were destroyed after the mint run. The coin that is regarded as the finest known specimen was sold at auction in January 2010 for US$115,000 to a private collector. The coin is still available, but prices have increased since its issuance.

A rare Canadian coin is not merely a collectible item; it can be a source of excitement and pride. The thrill of the hunt is almost as enjoyable as the collection itself. A 1973 Canadian 5 cents has a value of $0.03 while a U.S. 1943 steel penny is worth $0.43. A 2 dollar bill is worth $0.02. These coins are the most popular of all Canadian five cents. The value of these coins depends on their condition.

Canadian five cents were minted in copper-nickel alloy until 1982, when the nickel content was lowered to a relatively low level. Since then, Canadian nickels are made from plated steel and contain a small amount of copper. The coins made before 1982 are regarded as circulation coins, but the 1973 Canada 5 cents are popular among collectors. If you want to purchase a coin made in 1973, consider a proof set.