1973 10 Centimes Value

If you are interested in the value of a 1973 Australian 10 centime, you should start your research with some information. You can find this value by looking up certified coin sales from different auctioneers or by using online auction sites. The price range for a 1973 10 centime can be as low as three US dollars. Moreover, this coin is also known as a silver dollar. There are many factors that affect the value of a 1973 10 centime.

The reverse side of the coin features a world map on the bottom right. The 15 EU members are highlighted lightly and the western half of Asia (including the Middle East) is marked with a fine line. The globe is surrounded by twelve stars on the ends. The number “1” is large on the coin. The words “EURO CENT” appear beneath it in smaller font. Luc Luycx’s initials are positioned at the right.

This coin was produced in a limited number of examples. The Royal Canadian Mint lent a number of coins to the vending industry in order to test their compatibility. A good quality example of a 1973 10 centime can be worth $1500 CDN or more. If you are interested in purchasing a 1973 10 centime, you should know its history. This coin has many uses and is worth more than a penny!