1972 D Penny Missing an L in Liberty

What is the significance of a 1972 d penny missing an l in the liberty? Is it a rare or valuable coin? Here are some facts about this rare coin. -The d pennies are toned. The missing l in Liberty is a rare and valuable coin. -The coins are struck in a die hubbing process that produces a coin with designs or wording carved into one side and an extra horizontal bar on the other.

-The minting process was insufficient in the process of producing a silver coin. The resulting coins were not able to have mint marks, so they are worth less than a similar-quality, minted coin. The US mint also made a 1972 D penny without a mint mark. While these pennies are not very valuable, they can still sell for a premium when in perfect uncirculated condition.

-A rare 1971 Lincoln penny with a partially-misplaced l in liberty is also worth more than a penny with a normal l in liberty. The Lincoln penny is rare and can sell for over $500 if it is in mint state. It’s not easy to spot an error on a rare coin, but you can use a magnifying glass to check the d pennies closely.

-A majority of the 1972 cents that have no doubled l in liberty are considered doubled dies. The doubling of the master die is considered too common for a 1972 penny to have any value. The doubling problem is caused by a problem in the hubbing process, which continued on the 1972 master die. The result is that all the 1972 cents struck by working dies descended from the doubled master die bear minor doubling.

-An additional flaw on the 1972 d penny is a die scratch on the right edge of the Y in LIBERTY. A short die scratch is visible near the rim on the right side of the R in the date. Additionally, a small die gouge protrudes from the bottom of the bust below the designer’s initials. The die gouge is located in the rim beneath the front point of the bust.