1972 Bicentennial Commemorative Medal Value

If you are interested in selling your coin, you can check out the value of the 1972 bicentennial commemorative medal. This coin was produced to commemorate Indiana’s 200th anniversary. The state is a popular tourist destination, so why not sell it for a profit? There are a few things to consider, including the rarity of the coin and the condition of its metal. These factors will affect the value of the coin.

The reverse of the coin depicts the “Tree of Liberty” with the American Flag surmounting it. The coin also features the initials R.J.M. and the “Coat of Arms.” The coin has been preserved in mint condition and is in its original government packaging. The coin value is around $5. The monetary value is also higher than the price of the medal itself. The design and condition of the coin are in excellent condition.

The 1972 bicentennial commemorative coin was struck for the state’s 200th anniversary. The obverse of the coin depicts the state’s founding father, President Richard Nixon, and Gaspee Days Committee. The reverse depicts the statue of the elongated 1972 Lincoln head penny. The coin was struck by the Pawtuxet die cutter Donald J. Breig and sold for $3 or $10.