1970 D Penny With No FG Floating Roof

The first and most obvious indication of a floating roof on a coin is the over-polished die. This type of coin is caused by a struck-through error when the die is over-polished to remove the clash marks. In fact, the same thing can happen to any date of a Lincoln Cent. This issue is not necessarily related to the mint’s quality control, but it can still be an issue.

A high-graded 1970 S penny with a double-die mistake is worth $12,500 USD in uncirculated condition. Similarly, a 1970 D 5 Cent is worth tens of dollars in its uncirculated condition, but only worth five to ten dollars on a floating roof. It can even be worth as much as five dollars in circulated condition. If you are looking to buy a 1970 D penny, this is an excellent opportunity.

There are many problems with the 1970 d penny. Strikes can be up to 80% off-center, the reverses may have a floating roof, a spike on Lincoln’s head, and double dies are also common. Some coins have partial clips and no FGs, and they could be worth as much as a dollar in MS 65 condition. A 1970 d penny that has no FG is worth at least fifty cents.

Floating roof pennies are rare but very desirable. While they are numismatic rarities, they are worth searching for. They sell for $1 to three dollars and are trading for more than their face value. It may even be worth the hunt if you’ve never seen one. If you do come across a 1970 D penny with a floating roof, you have found yourself a treasure.