1969 D Penny Floating Roof No Fg Coin

You might be surprised to find that the best coins are those that are a bit different from your regular collection. A 1969 d penny floating roof no fg might have a slightly different appearance, and if you look for it carefully, you could even find an error variant. However, these coins are not necessarily errors; they are simply misprints. While these errors are not intentional, they can be quite attractive and fetch a significant premium.

In 1969, four million D pennies were minted, and the Denver Colorado Mint is the world’s largest coin manufacturer. The coin is made of 95% copper and 5% tin. It weighs 3.11 grams and has a plain edge. Its obverse depicts Abraham Lincoln. Its reverse features the wheat penny, designed by Victor David Brenner. The coin is worth up to $12 if it is in mint certified condition.

Floating roof pennies are the most common variant of the Lincoln Memorial cent. They are distinguishable by the two lines that connect the roof. Although the floating roof pennies are essentially the same as the traditional Lincoln Memorial cent, they lack the “FG.”