1964 Silver Quarter For Sale

There are many reasons to purchase a 1964 silver quarter for sale. The value of the coin can range from $3.45 to $9.00, depending on condition. The silver content in this coin contributes to its price, as does its mintmark. Old quarters can be worth a lot more than their face value, so it’s important to find out what mintmark is on them. For instance, if the coin was struck in Philadelphia, it will be worth more than one dollar, while a worn quarter will be worth much less.

The 1965 Washington quarter was the first US quarter made of copper coinage. This made it rare and valuable. The early 1960s economic expansion had skyrocketed silver prices, which led to the hoarding of millions of these 90% pure coins. By 1968, the government would run out of silver. Consequently, these silver coins have a high numismatic value. They are also very popular as investment tools. If you’re looking to purchase a 1964 silver quarter for sale, it’s important to know its value.

A common way to evaluate a 1964 silver quarter for sale is to compare its grade to other examples. If the coin’s condition is Uncirculated, it has never been circulated. It is in mint condition and has never been handled by the public. An Uncirculated coin may have a few light scratches on its surface, but it’s the best option for investment-grade coins. Alternatively, Extremely Fine coins have a few scratches on them, but they’re still worth a glance.

If you’re looking to purchase a 1964 silver quarter, make sure to consider the design. The obverse of the coin features George Washington’s left-facing portrait. The words “LIBERTY” and “IN GOD WE TRUST” are on the coin’s surface. To the right of the head of Washington, the motto “E Pluribus Unum” wraps around the bottom. This coin also features a reeded edge.

The design of the 1964 silver quarter was not decided based on the popularity of the coin or its value. A number of artists submitted designs, but only five were selected for the proof set. The remaining five designs were sent back to the artists for revision. In the end, the Secretary of the Treasury, Andrew Mellon, chose John Flanagan’s designs. Some scholars in the numismatic field believe the controversy over the design was blown out of proportion.

In general, the value of a silver quarter depends on its condition. A common-date 1964 silver quarter would probably fetch $4.45, while a rare silver coin might bring a much higher price. This is why many people invest in pre-1965 silver coins. The low prices of these coins have made the market for these coins incredibly competitive. If you are interested in purchasing a 1964 silver quarter for sale, you should consider the quality and rarity of the coin.

In addition to condition, the grade of your coin will depend on its grade. If you’re buying a Proof 64 silver quarter, it’s best to make sure the coin has been carefully graded. Coin dealers have a high standard for the coin, and the quality of the grade will determine the price. In fact, a Proof 70 will trade for nearly three hundred dollars, while a poor-quality 1964 silver quarter will sell for less than $119.