1964 D Penny – Missing L

There is an interesting occurrence on a 1964 D penny: the letter l is missing. This unusual occurrence may be attributed to a doubled die, but is much more rare. If the letter l is missing, the coins are worth far less than one would expect based on their condition. In some cases, a 1964 D pennies can fetch more than one hundred dollars. This is because of the fact that the Denver mint stopped issuing pennies in 1964, and did not resume issuing them until 1968.

The value of a 1964 D penny varies depending on its grade, condition, and rarity. In a proof finish, a 1964 D penny may be worth more than twice as much as a standard circulated coin. In an uncirculated grade, the 1964 D penny may be worth as little as two cents. But in the uncirculated grade, the coin may be worth more than three cents.

The missing l is rare in the 1964 D pennies, as the Mint struck only a small number of them. Today, they are worth more than $5,000, but they were once so scarce that silver hoarders had a tendency to remove them from circulation. As a result, the U.S. Mint largely blamed coin collectors for the shortage, but in fact, the missing l made it more difficult to strike a 1964 D penny.

Despite the relatively low price, an error pennies can fetch as high as $500 if they are in mint state condition. Because the Denver Mint produced 4.5 billion pennies in 1992, this error is relatively rare and could fetch a price of $500 if it is rare. So how do you find one? The easiest way is to buy one from an auction site. And while this may sound impossible, it is possible to find an error penny online for as little as $15.

The 1969 D penny is known for the Lincoln Memorial on its reverse. The tails were designed by Frank Gasparro, who later replaced it with a different design. Because of their scarcity, collectors often base their values on their condition and desirable condition. A 1969 D penny in average condition could fetch a penny of one cent, but one in perfect condition could fetch as much as $12. There are also some examples of this coin with a “missing l” that are worth a few dollars.