1963 Helvetia 1 Coin Value

There is no universally accepted value for a 1963 Helvetia 1 coin, but the design can help investors decide whether to buy one. The coin features the goddess Helvetia standing on a platform, holding a lance and propped up by a shield with the Swiss cross in the center. There are also eleven stars engraved to the right of the allegorical figure. A common problem with the coin is its poor luster.

The final design of the coin features an alpine herdsman in semi-profile, as well as the federal coat of arms without hatching. The design was debased from 25 to 15 grams, and the amount of silver contained was reduced from 92.5 to 83.5% of the original value. The fine silver content is 12.5 grams, which is lower than the 22.5 grams on the 1850-1928 coins.

The first half franc coin was created in 1851 and featured the Standing Helvetia by Albert Walch. The coin was issued until 1967 and demonetised on 1st April 1971. The cupronickel Half Franc coin circulated for eight years. Currently, it is worth around $30. If you’re looking for a piece of Swiss history, be sure to buy a 1963 Helvetia 1 coin.