1963 Canada 5 Cents Value

The value of the 1963 Canada 5 cents can be a source of pride for Canadian coin collectors. This year, the country celebrated its 100th birthday, and the Royal Canadian Mint produced unique coins featuring an animal image on the reverse side. The five-cent coin featured a rabbit, but the mint later returned to its classic beaver design. However, the majority of 1963 coins have no collectible value. Regardless of the coin’s condition, it’s worth looking into it.

One of the rarest Canadian nickels is the 1926 far 6. The number 6 is located further away from the maple leaf than the near-six variety. The far-six example is valued at $10,000. The common far-six type sells for between $2,261 and $67,000 CAD. The rarest Canadian nickels, however, are those of the 1922 and the present-day period.