1962 D Penny Double Die

The second half of the year of the d penny is full of interesting coinage. The 1962 d penny is a great example of this, as it shows a double die in the inscription “IN GOD WE TRUST”. The d indicates a quarter, and the “S” stands for silver. It has a nice deep blue hue, and its doubling is similar to the 1961 d penny.

The doubling is most prominent on the E PLURIBUS UNUM, and the CENTS shows a strong spread toward the center. The spread on the CENTS and MONTICELLO is also nice, showing the doubling of each letter. The doubling also increases slightly from left to right. The die gouge under the F on the OF is a good indication that this coin is a doubling.

This penny was dated in 1962 and was issued as WDDR-057 before it was delisted. It has a narrow die gouge between the letters E PLURIBUS and “US” in the date, and a Class II doubling on the MONTICELLO, A and S. This coin also has close Class II doubling on the inscription “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. It is a nice example of a double die on a penny.

A 1961 d penny double die is another example of a doubling of the same denomination. It was minted in Philadelphia but had the “D” mint mark missing. This coin was created to look like a Philadelphia penny, despite the fact that Philadelphia did not make Lincoln cents until the year after the d penny’s first appearance in the market. Its “No D” designation is a misprint in the design of the coin.

The 1962 d pennies are not rare, but they are harder to find in high-grade mint state. A high-quality specimen graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service can command as much as $2,559 at a 2005 auction. The value of a 1962 proof penny is determined by its grade, error, and variety. Its condition will also determine its value. It can be a great investment if you know where to look.

The MS67 Lincoln cents are considered rare in uncirculated condition. These coins are prone to nicks, scratches, and corrosion spots. They also have an uneven luster and aren’t assigned MS67 grades. Original rolls of 1962 d pennies are sold in the range of $5-10 each. However, the demand for these coins is higher than supply. If you’re interested in acquiring a 1962 d penny double die, don’t wait too long. It will only increase in value!