1957 1 Franc Coin Value

If you are wondering what the 1957 1 franc coin value is, then read on. This article will explain the formula that can be used to calculate this value. The value of this coin is determined by the ratio of its silver content to its gold content. For example, one franc is worth about 0.7 g of gold. In the same way, one franc is worth 21.5 francs when it is struck from 0.900 silver.

In the past, the French franc was a satellite currency of the German Reichsmark. The official exchange rate was 20 francs to 1 RM. Coins were re-minted with the triad of patrie, famille, and travail instead of the Republican triad. Coins also adopted the emblem of the Vichy regime. These coins were made only a few years after the Liberation.

The currency devalued after World War I, when France was forced to withdraw from the gold standard. The franc’s purchasing power was severely undermined as a result. The wartime expenditure wiped out almost 70 percent of the franc’s purchasing power. Postwar reconstruction was partially financed by printing more money. In the period between 1920 and 1927, the franc lost approximately 80% of its value against the dollar. In addition to the devaluation of the dollar, the value of the franc fell further. It decreased by 43% between 1922 and 1926.