1945 Micro S Dime

The 1945 Micro S Mercury dime is a variety of Mercury dimes, with the mintmark extremely small compared to the regular 1943-S type. This coin possesses intense iridescent toning with a soft satin texture. The coin’s detail is stunning, with striking detail from rims to centers. It is very affordable, making it a good choice for collectors of all levels. Read on to learn more about this fascinating variety.

Despite the low mintage of this coin, it has a high collector value. If you can find one in pristine condition, you will be rewarded with an exceptional piece. Moreover, it has a limited mintage, making it an excellent choice for beginners. In fact, you will find these Mercury dimes for as low as ten cents, whereas they can fetch as high as $1,500 in very fine condition.

The popularity of the Micro S dimes is not surprising, given their rarity. The Philippines mintmark punch remained unchanged in 1945, and as such, one third of all 1945-S dimes bear it. This means that only fourteen million of these coins have micro S strikes. This makes these coins easily available in circulated and Mint State grades. They are very difficult to find, though, in Full Bands. There are also several different kinds of this coin.

The most valuable of the Micro S dimes is the “full band” 1945-S. While the “micro S” type has better luster, the latter was much harder to find. Depending on the rarity and the availability of the coin, the 1945-S could reach the desired price in the next few years. Its historical significance, however, ensures that it will be a good investment for the next few decades.

The mintage of the 1945-S dime was 41,920,000, and Maier’s early discovery ensured its survival. Today, it’s readily available in Mint State, and is popular among repunched-mintmark collections. There are also some attractive Certified Grades available that make the 1945-S dime a valuable addition to your collection. All in all, it’s an outstanding choice for collectors of Mercury Silver Dimes.

The micro S version of the Mercury Dime is more valuable than the original, which is 90% silver. It is the most rare type of Mercury dime, and has a mint mark on its reverse next to the word “ONE.” Moreover, the 1945 micro S dime’s purity is 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. The 1945 Mercury Dime is 90% silver, with ten percent copper. These coins are worth more than three dollars in average condition.

You can purchase early and fine examples of these coins at reasonable prices. You can also try selling some of them if you don’t know where to get the rarer one. There are many places where you can sell these early coins. You can always contact the collectors or dealers in the United States to learn more about these rare coins. If you’re unsure about buying a 1945 micro s dime, start by asking yourself whether or not it’s worth purchasing.