1937 5 Cents Canada

The 1937 5 cents Canada features a beaver on a rock in a river, along with the date, facial value, and country name. Beavers are semi-aquatic rodents that are famous for building dams to protect themselves from predators. This coin also features a maple leaf and bare head of George VI on the reverse. If you’re curious about these coins, learn more about their history and how they came to be produced.

The first five cents Canada coins were struck in the late nineteenth century. The design on the first ones was based on the design of an eagle. Later, a beaver was featured on the coin, and the design of this first five cents Canada was based on the algonkian heritage of the people of northeastern woodlands. The coin’s theme was “Our Passions,” and dates ranged from 1867 to 1967.

The 1921 five-cent coin is considered one of the rarest Canadian coins in circulation, earning it the title of “Prince of Canadian Coins.” With fewer than 400 known specimens, these coins are considered highly sought-after by collectors. The most expensive known specimen, which sold for US$115,000 in January 2010, was eventually purchased by a private collector. But there are also many other five-cent coins available on the market.