1921 MS65 Morgan Silver Dollar

The bald eagle, “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” and the words “ONE DOLLAR” are all emblazoned on the front of the 1921 ms65 morgan sterling silver dollar. A popular saying, “In God We Trust,” is minted below the eagle’s tail feathers. A Morgan silver dollar is one of the oldest types of US coins.

More than half of the six million Morgan Dollars minted during the American Civil War were destroyed by the U.S. Government for their silver content. The reverse of the coin depicts Lady Liberty with a slave’s cap, the ancient symbol of freedom. The ribbon around her neck is engraved with the word “Liberty.” The bottom edge of the coin features 13 stars. A 1921 MS65 Morgan silver dollar has a mintmark dated 1877, while a 1919 MS65 Morgan Silver Dollar does not.

PCGS issues the Mint State 65 grade for 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars. This coin has an attractive remaining mint luster and two or three moderately-sized contact marks. It may also have some light scuffing on the design strikes. Nevertheless, this coin is attractive to the eye, and its value has grown dramatically since its early low point in late 2012.

The obverse of the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar coin features the effigy of Lady Liberty, which was created by George T. Morgan in 1878. Lady Liberty is depicted in left-profile relief, wearing a Phrygian cap, wreath crown, and coronet crown. The inscriptions and stars inscribed on the obverse of the coin indicate the year of its issuance.

In addition to being Mint State 65, 1921 Morgan Dollars can have different mint marks. During the first half of its production, the Philadelphia Mint struck twice as many of these coins as the San Francisco Mint. As a result, the coin has a very limited mintage, and it will soon be available for collectors. This is because the Philadelphia Mint had more shallow dies than other mints, and therefore, the coins were more valuable than average.

The US Mint resumed production of silver dollars in 1921, and the Morgan dollar was one of the first coins introduced to the public. The United States Mint began minting silver dollars in 1878, replacing the Seated Liberty dollar. The 1921 Morgan dollar design was created by George T. Morgan, a United States Mint assistant engraver. It features a profile portrait of Liberty and an eagle with wings outstretched. The back of the coin features the mint mark between the O and D in “Dollar”.

The value of a 1921 ms65 Morgan silver dollar may change over time due to fluctuations in the market. These coins can also change due to direct trade, auctions, flea markets, and e-commerce sites. A 1921 ms65 Morgan silver dollar can be worth as much as $420. There is a huge demand for 1921 ms65 morgan silver dollar, but it can be difficult to find one that matches your budget.

The Mint State 65 Morgan silver dollar is often referred to as Gem Uncirculated. The striking is precise and the coin shines with full brilliance. The coin may have minor friction marks on its design but will be visually appealing nonetheless. The MS65 Morgan dollar is much more expensive than the MS63 morgan silver dollar. There are several reasons why these coins are more valuable. For one, their mint state ensures their full brilliance and avoids post-mint blemishes.

The condition of a 1921 ms65 Morgan silver dollar is excellent. Despite some light wear, the design is in perfect condition. Lady Liberty’s hair and cap creases have lost their roundness but still retain their luster. The eagle’s wing feathers are slightly cruder than those on the other varieties. Despite the mild wear, the 1921 ms65 Morgan silver dollar is still crisp and sharp.